flickering glitch in editor itself?

When I hover over some items in the editor usually drop down menus I get a flickering of the editor and smudging type glitching around characters.

These are some screen caps of the issue.

Hey CrypticMonkey,

I have several questions that will aid this investigation.

  1. What type of build are you using? (git hub or launcher)
  2. Have you tested other engine versions?
  3. Does this issue occur in a blank project?

I’m also going to need you to provide your DxDiag. To do this open your windows command prompt and enter dxdiag.

When the window appears save all information and attach the generated file in this post.



Hi Ed,
for reply, I am using the launcher version 4.12.5, i havent tested any other version but i will test 4.14 shortly and yes this begins to occur as soon as any project is created including black project.

link text

for the info CrypticMonkey!

After reviewing your DxDiag I have found that your machine specs are bellow our recommended minimum specifications. You can see them here: Linux Game Development in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

Your processor is the minimum spec and you aren’t using a dedicated GPU it looks like you are using the integrated Intel HD 3000 graphics. That means that your GPU is using your system’s RAM and you have 4Gb.

We suggest having a minimum 8Gb of RAM so having a GPU that eats some of it up will cause issues. It also appears that your processor is of the Sandy Bridge Mirco Architecture which was released in 2011. So while it does meet the minimum spec I would highly suggest an upgrade if possible. I can’t guarantee that upgrading your system will resolve these issue since I haven’t reproduced them but, working below the minimum specs will most certainly bring unexpected and unfavorable results.