Flickering Effects

Hi :slight_smile:
i have a problem that occurs pretty much randomly… inside the editor and inside the packaged game the rendering starts to flicker (on different systems with different components)
Thats how it supposed to look:

thats what occurs during the flickering:

i searched for the cause in the global post processing actor but found nothing what could create such a problem :confused:

before 4.6 this problem wasn´t there.

Would be cool if you would say what is “that”… you showing us a screenshot with ton of things, objects, colors, forms and you call it “that”.

If you could include a video that would be a lot more helpful, you can’t really see flickering in pictures.

Hi Dw123, in this case yes you can because i uploaded the state it should be in and the state it is in during the flickering :wink:
In the dark areas you can see that the tonalrange (shadows and midtones) are much more flattened and slightly tinted in a brownish tone :slight_smile:

Hi Damian, i showed two screenshots with the state the style should be in and the state that occurs during the flickering (flattened shadows and midtones)
i thought it would be obvious enough, but you are right, the info to look at the shadows and midtones would have been more helpful :slight_smile:

Thanks for your quick answers :slight_smile: Hmm, if I disable AA the flicker is also gone. Can you tell me how I can move to an ‘higher’ anti-aliasing? Can i do that within UE or do I need to turn this on in my Nvidia Preferences?

Hello BeeHive,

I think your postprocess effects on the cameras are not same. Maybe that can cause the problem but there is so many things on the scene so we don’t know where to focus,

I have also some flicker issues. I am new and wanted to create my first project and when i start creating tools, these yellow lines (issue0!1.png) are flickering all the time and I don’t know how to get rid of this :frowning:
I also noticed another issue on another page (issue2.png). Here all lines flicker exept when I turn off “realtime”!
Sorry if i can’t give you an exact definition of the terms and stuff but i’m very new with UE4.16.2
I hope you can help me :slight_smile: thanks in advance!


alt text
alt text

Those lines are selection outline. May flick due to bad AA on your side. Try to switch from TAA to MSAA.

Agree. Looks like PP messing up. Try to disable it at all and then gradually turn features back.

Now when i look at this you mean these lines and edges that they like “flicker” when you move your camera?
Yeah if it is so you need to use higher “AntiAliasing” :slight_smile:

Hi Michael,
Those should only occur in the Editor. The Lines are not displayed ingame :slight_smile: (just try and Hit play ^^) they Flicker because they occupy the the Same Space as the edges of the obejct they highlight (you would also get the same Problem with Two polygons that are in the exact Same Place and Face the Same direction)

So dont worry and continue to work ^^