Flickering DOF and AA in rendering

This is a project we already delivered to a client, but now we want to make a sequence for reeling purposes. Problem, Lots of flickering.

I already can pinpoint this is being caused by TemporalAA, although, i have no idea how to fix it.

No matter if the performance is impacted, we will be rendering the sequence anyway.

Any ideas how to fix the flickering?

You can change TemporalAA for a different method in your Project Settings. Just search for “anti” in the settings. (I’m assuming your project isn’t relying on using Temporal)

Sadly it does, all reflections go away when switching to other AA methods, and, since there are above 1000 materials, reprocesing everything for forward shading isn’t an option.

Sorry, I can’t help then. I’m not an expert on the rendering system, and you probably know then me anyway.