Flickering/disappearing meshes

Hi, some of the meshes in my scene start to flicker/disappear when I look at them from a certain angle/distance.
I’m using 4.4 and I get no errors after building.
Here is a video of my problem - YouTube
(sorry if this is posted in the wrong section of the forum, I did’t really know which section was the right one for this)

I have a similar problem with some of my character models. It seems to be a bug/problem with the editor. In a packaged project I do not have any problems.

Can you try to switch your editor to wireframe mode? Because the meshes literally disappear partly, it’s not a texture thing or so.

  1. check if you use the “epic” quality setting
  2. what happens when you disable the reflection on those meshes? (in the material -> roughness/metallic) :slight_smile:

@btengelh, nothing flickers/disappears when in wireframe mode.

@fighter5347, yes I use the epic quality settings. I disabled roughness and metallic and rebuild the lighting, but nothing changed. they keep flickering exactly like in the video.

I have the same problem. I have a shape plain at certain distance from my character. I have apply water material. When i rotate or move my character ( and my camera ) I see a terrible flickering on shape plane like this : http://pasteboard.co/2gwnhSQD.png
The problem with a landscape and same material not exist…

Any time something flickers it’s generally a Z-buffer problem.

Z-buffer fighting has been around for ever and most times caused by two object sharing the same place in world space so the rendering order changes. With advanced materials and realistic rendering models the same problem can occur as well as they can create the same per pixel sharing of layered textures and the flicking is caused as the two elements in the same material interact as would two objects sharing the same space.

For the first make sure there is only one object with in a shared space. Same problem can occur if objects overlap.

For the second drop on a simple single layer material and if the flicker goes away then the material layering is the problem.

Personally what I’ve noticed is the flicker usually occurs is the material does not have a normal map but uses more complex material levels so adding a 3 vector set to 1 1 1 (still zero height information) to the normal map slot gets rid of the flicker.