Flickering Candle Light, Point Light Center Light...How to disable it??

Hi All!

I have made all my Filckering Lights…Candle, Campfire, Torches, Small/Med/Large flames, Fireplace…etc.

Here is the Flickering Light Blueprint:

With this Point Light there is an obnoxious center bright light that does expand with Brightness.
UE4 Flickering Candle Light A.png

When adding the FX like a Candle Flame or Campfire or Fireplace Fire placed properly with that bright center you cannot even see the flame. With larger flames like log fires or a tree burning (50m radius light) the issue just gets worse.
In Unity I have not this issue in UE4 I cannot figure out how to disable that center light.

**Note I do notice that the ‘eyes’ adjust to the light when moving the camera around…but the center light sphere is there always.

Any advice would be most appreciated.

You can get a more linear type falloff by disabling the Inverse Squared falloff. Expand your “Light” properties to find this option. Also because of this you have to change your Intensity. It will be super bright otherwise.

So the light on the right is default and the one on the left, I disabled Inverse Squared Falloff.

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Thank you. The light on the left is much better. Appreciation!

Also bump up Min. Roughness value to 1 if you want to have reflections for the particles of the candle only and not the light source on reflective surfaces.