flickering after recording a video with the sequencer

Hi everyone,
I’m facing an issue that i can’t solve.

I’m using the sequencer with a camera to render a video (a png sequence). I disable the effects of the camera to use only those made by the PostProcess volume.

When i play the sequence in the viewport everything look fine.
But when i render the sequence with the sequencer, there is a loooot of flickering, especially in the background.

Does anyone have a solution to avoid that?

Thanks a lot, it drives me crazy !!!

ps : my goal is to make a 360 video. As Ansel hack takes forever, i prefer render a 8 camera rig then stitching the 8 rushes.

Hi all,
I’m always facing the same problem :

With the camera playing in the editor, my scene is ok (light, effect, AA…)
While recording via the sequencer this very same camera, there is a huge flickering.

Here are 2 videos to show the phenomenon

1- in the editor :

2-when recording with the sequencer :

I really don’t understand why the sequencer give a different result of the editor.

Hope somebody can help me please !!!

I have the same problem, set up the scene and camera and record a 10 sec video it always flickers at 2 and everything disappears for a millisecond and comes back and continues normal, but I cant seem to find a clear work-around for this problem. And from what I see so far, many people having this issue and its sad that no one didn’t even reply you in an entire year.

I can confirm that this issue (still!) exists. The behaviour is really strange, as everything looks okay when I watch a sequence in the editor. Shadow flickering only happens in the recorded/captured footage.

In my case it helped to reduce the dynamic lights (namely the barndoor / square lights). Once I reduced them, the flickering stopped and I could capture to disk.