Flex rope(nvidia)

Hi guys, trying to make a rope with nvidia flex rope inside a bluepritn that gontains grap/drop custom events, but is not working, also tried to attach an object to the begin/end of the rope/hose without success. Any ideas?
thanks in advance!

Why don’t you just use a cable actor?

Already tried with cable component, but couldnt figure out how to make it grabbable for VR interaction…now i ve doing a new rope based on skeletal mesh and seems to be working, the only issue im having is that i can only grab it from one tip and not from everywhere else of the body…

thats my current blueprint. I think the issue is related to “make literal name” connected to the “set all bodies below simulate physics”

Can’t help with nVidia Rope, but I’m pretty sure that you can attach both ends of Cable component to any Scene components (including motion controllers).

The blueprint above isnt based on nvidia rope anymore, is a skeletal mesh. The cable component isnt grbable in vr, thats another issue im having…
The best chance im having right now is using the skeletal mesh, and on tech bone of its tips, add a socket and then using a physics constraint to attach a bp for grabbing…and im dealing with the bps not snaping in to same location of sockets, leaving a distance between the skeletal mesh and ech bp´s tips

It can be grabbed in VR. I did it. The only possible problem is to attach trigger to its free end, but you can get location of the cable’s end and relocate trigger in Tick when player is somewhere close.

You mean that you can grab it from everywhere or just from the tips?

I’m not sure , but I’m confident the cable actor at its core is a spline, which makes me wonder if it would be possible to create a spline rope with as many joints as you need and instead of snapping them to the hand , cheat and simply align the spline to the hand and have gravity disabled while in rope climb mode.
I would also like to have a vr rope climb for something I plan to create ,so Im just thinking out loud.

good thing about a spline is you could prob add a small mesh part that has a single socket on it , and it might replicate all along the spline.

if you do try out these methods and have some progress don’t forget to share

Good point. Only tips. I missed it.