Flat shading?

Hi, I was attempting to create some kind of flat shading but failed to find any simple way to accomplish it. I did however find that material like this kind of does this (and it works great for pretty much everything, I tried uploading suzanne from blender too and it worked with it just fine)

And here is an image with suzanne with this material

However, I had my player model in blender and it’s torso looks roughly like this in blender

But when I used the same material for it in UE4, it turned out like this?!?

What is going wrong here? I tried creating UV maps for it but then it only messes up differently depending on how I UV map it. It always messes up like this though?

Update guys, I found out what the problem was by myself.
I decided to post some solutions I tried (and what worked for me) so newbies like me can find this post. The fix was to set Normal Import Method when importing the .fbx file to “Import Normals and Tangents” instead of the default “Import Normals”

Like so.

I’ve also seen some people have the same problem in varying circumstances, but I couldn’t find a solution for my problem.
If you’re experiencing similar problems I recommend trying out some of these solutions:

  • Try to implement this material instead. Landscape, without smoothing - World Creation - Epic Developer Community Forums
  • Try creating UV maps in your selected modelling application for your model. You don’t need textures, just create UV maps so the UV-mapping won’t definitely overlap.
  • Another solution related to UV mapping, try re-calculcating your normals in the UV mapping. In blender this is done in the Shading / UV panel in the left-side panel visible in the default view.