Flashing item material

Hey, I’ve made a material for my item so that it constantly flashes, but I want to make the item flash like in games such as Wolfenstein & FarCry. The best example I can give is if you got to 6:15 in this video every few seconds or so a white flash travels from one side of the object to the other. Attached is my current material flash. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You’re going to want to look into using a panner node with a timer basically like how you have that set up. To make it soft edged make a texture in photoshop that’s like a line with soft edges (otherwise it’ll look sharp and weird when the light comes over it) over a transparent background and set that to pan on a timer over your original texture. If you need more help I can probably set up something to achieve the effect but I’d need a little time.

Hope this helps


You’d want a Panner node…

Okay I’ve looked at a panner and I’m not sure what to insert into the inputs, whatever I try I get an error on one of the nodes somewhere. And I would appreciate that thank you :slight_smile: