Flashing in UE4

Hello thanks for taking a look…

I am creating a scene in UE4… The issue im having is there seems to be a ‘flashing’ wherever an edge meets a plane or another edge. Its hard to describe and get a picture of but there one Iv linked is when I scroll in very far and managed to catch it. When I zoom out the entire scene looks disgusting because of all the flashing going on… I removed all my maps the see if they were creating it issue…they werent… I double checked the verts werent offset from each other slightly and they were fine… My light maps are all fine… I am completely lost on this and its a really big issue…

…any help is greatly appreciated…


That’s called “z fighting” -> it happens when there is too little depth data available :slight_smile:

Adjust your mesh position so that they are not overlapping


Yeah I came across that thread… The edges of the mesh are sat on top of each other already though : /

That thread says making it ‘thicker’ may help… in the case of a plane for flooring… does this mean use a ‘box/cube’?

Just edit the meshes so that they fit perfectly together or make one thicker so that the other one is in the wall