Flame wrists (particles)

So, here’s the run down of what I’m trying to do…

And the eventual goal.

A. Set my character’s arms on fire with a button press event.

B. Have the flames behave like regular flames would, but regard the character mesh as collision, and play an event to move and coil around the wrists…

C. Have the flames move with the wrists and arm, but have a slight delay, so it isn’t just abruptly deforming with un-flame-like rotations.

In real life, if you rotate a torch, the flame doesn’t rotate with it.

It will always point up.

I can’t get my flames to do this, and when the character’s arm moves, the whole flame moves without any delay…

But I don’t want the flame to be trailing miles behind the character either.

Any idea what I can do to have them more fluid like, but react to the character’s wrists, and coil around them?

Not sure what approach you have taken thus far, but this is the perfect senario to use a particle system for.

They can produce great flame effects (and smoke) and they can be attached to sockets (on your skel mesh :wink: )


Learning tab > content examples > one of the particle ones.

actually has a character set on fire. that be a good base to start.

I have a particle system set up, and it’s attached to the wrist socket, but the way it rotates with the arm isn’t believable…

bump bump.

Hi mike,

I’ve got the opposite issue in that I’m trying to convert the standard fire particle effect to something that could be used for a gas fire, can you help?


Hey, we talking a stove gas fire, or a gas leak or something? In any case, i’d make the base of the flame a blue color, add more distortion, and smaller flames.

I’d start with the base fire, add more velocity to it, in whatever direction you want.

Then I’d change the color over life node so that it starts blue at the base, and goes yellow / orange further into its life.

I really have no clue where to start on this, the flames rotate entirely with the arm, and it looks odd… I just want them to have some sort of delay, and not rotate all at once, or all together.

Hi mike,

The standard torch fire particle would do fine, I just need it to be wider at the bottom like an open gas fire in a room.

size over life would do the trick.

But in any case, I’d really like to reach a resolution for my own problem, so if we could move the thread back in the direction of my problem, and find a solution I’d be really appreciative.

It’s hard for me to picture exactly the issue you’re experiencing, but it sounds like it might have something to do with the “use local space” box?

Sorry for hijacking your thread, totally unintentional!