FixRotateAboutAxisNormals node

Hello, I’m trying to make my object rotate using the rotateAboutAxis material node, but the normals are messing up, so I googled it, and found I need to use the FixRotateAboutAxisNormals node in conjunction with it to correct the normals, but, in the description for the node it says the following:

" It’s recommended that this be calculated in the custom uvs input. The resulting output data should then be used as the “BaseNormal” in the BlendAngleCorrectedNormals material function. Your Normal map should be used as the “AdditionalNormal” input. The result should go into the material normal input. "

after some hours I think I understand what it means, but please someone let me know if this is correct:
the fixRotateAboutAxisNormals node provides as extra outputs, RG, B, which suggests that you are supposed to feed it into two customized uv slots, since uv only supports 2 component vector.
It took me some time to undestand how to use customised UV if my object already has UV maps;
For example, if my object has 2 uv sets, and I want to add 2 additional custom UVs, in the material settings i can set 4 cusomized uvs, leave the first two unplugged, which will just pass through the original 2 uv sets, then plug my data into customized uv 3 and 4, then i can just access it with texcoord[3] and texcoodr[4]

Ok so after all this, I get the BlendAngleCorrectedNormals material function, but I find myself in a predicament, what is the AdditionalNormal input? What is my normal map? Its supposed to be a 3 component vector, I tried VertexNormalWS, no luck.

Taking a step back, the fixRotateAboutAxisNormals node is supposed to still work if you just plug it into the Normal input in the material, I tried this and it sort of works but theres like a delay or something as it updates… it just looks strange. I’m really stuck now… I was thinking surely someone else must have got stuck doing this, but I cant find any google results for FixRotateAboutAxisNormals.
Any help would really be appreciated!