Fixing sitting experience for Vive, works on Rift

For the last few years, I have been working on VR recreations of former attraction rides at Disney. I have given presentations on them, and release them for free online. Up to now, they have been on the Rift, or on the PC regular screens, and they have worked great. The camera is setup as a fixed object in the ride vehicle, and as it moves around on the track, the camera moves with it, and keeps the center based on the vehicles rotation. Meaning, it’s as if you are sitting there, and can look anywhere around you, while you are still based at the vehicle center.
My problem is, how do I do this with the Vive? When I bring it in the Vive, I am now six feet above the vehicle, and I’m always facing one direction. If the vehicle turns, I don’t turn with it.
I have been looking online for a solution, but everything I have found so far only talks about standing experiences, and not sitting. The one I used for the Rift was based off of the car template! That worked great!
Any help folks can give would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Tkfore,

Have you tried experimenting with the “Set Tracking Origin” node?

I would love to learn how you achieved this with the Rift and if you have figured out the ViVe yet?