Fixing short type name warning messages

I was getting weird warning messages while updating my plugin to UE5.1.

LogClass: Warning: Short type name "EKronosMatchmakingFlags" provided for TryFindType. Please convert it to a path name (suggested: "/Script/Kronos.EKronosMatchmakingFlags").

I finally figured out that it was referring to a Bitmasked function param. So to fix the issue, I had to change

void ExampleFunction(UPARAM(meta = (Bitmask, BitmaskEnum = EKronosMatchmakingFlags)) int32 InFlags = 0);


void ExampleFunction(UPARAM(meta = (Bitmask, BitmaskEnum = "/Script/Kronos.EKronosMatchmakingFlags")) int32 InFlags = 0);

Thank you :wink:

And thank you also. Mine turned out to be a default subobject I was creating with the name “Scene” from code.

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