Fixed size of texture by tiling

Hello, i have the same issue as was discribed here: How to put the same texture size on objects? - UE4 AnswerHub
In ArchVis you must apply material with a texture to many surfaces, and this texture must keep one size (like bricks in example). You can’t achive this simplest goal by using TexCoord. Texture will change size if you have static meshes of different size. Duplicating of material and changing of TextCoord tiling values for ech instance is not an option, because it is difficult to define right tiling values for each object (you can do it only visual). Solution described in answerhub is too complicated for this simple operation.
My question is: why there is no parameter in material options or TexCoord or in Texture it self, where I can set fixed values (x=10cm, y=10cm)?
This is a very painfull issue.

The only alternative to what was suggested in the link above is to scale your UVs to where the material will apply equally among each individual mesh. That would utilize 1 material as opposed to the multiple instances with varying tex coordinate values, but require more time spent in the UV editor. Someone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe there are any automatic means of achieving this result.