[FIXED] Not generating vscode project

Hi, I’m unable to generate vscode project for my project. It still generates vs2019 project even though I switched the source code editor to vscode.

Update: I Switched to Clion and it still generates vs2019 project. I can tell it generates Visual Studio project by looking into the project directory.

Update1: Fixed by changing the default code. This can be done by adding the lines:


In “[BaseEngineDirectory]\Engine\Config\BaseEditorPerProjectUserSettings.ini”

Hi @Huntsmango , I’m having the exact same problem here. When I click in a .cpp file in UE5, VSCode only creates an empty .code-workspace file, and I can see the .sln file in the project folder. I added the code lines above in the .ini file, but nothing happened. Is there any other step that needs to be made for the changes to be reflected?

Having the same problem that @GabrielMAraujo has. Are there any tricks of add the line of the code? Like there is an exact order of opening different files.

I copied a workspace file from a UE4 project, and changed the names and the path. It worked. C++ files are able to find the source codes.