Fixed amount of Particles

Hey <3,
I need to spawn around 200 moving particles over a time of 5 seconds. However, the player can control the emitter, so he can stop and resume the particle spawning. I used the term particle, but I’m not sure if I can realize my task in a particle system, since I never saw a case where someone used a fixed particle count. Not sure if my research skills are lacking, maybe you can point me in the right direction?
I was thinking about an array of billboard components, but instantly thought there must be a component that emits billboards, so I don’t have that stupid overhead of 200 component actors.
I was also thinking about Instanced Static Meshes, but they were not built to update every frame, so I’m also not sure about using them for my case.
I would really appreciate if someone can help or just point me in the right direction <3.