Fix sphere texture pinching and artifacting

Hello everyone, I am creating some planet materials but the problem I face is that on the poles of the sphere I have texture pinching and artifacting. I tried to subdivide the triangles at the poles of the sphere but there was no difference at all. Do you know what I should do? Should I change the triangles on the model or should I change the texture somehow? Also, when I tried to model a sphere with no triangles on the poles, the material was not showing right on the engine because the UVs were random on the object.

Have you tried mapping the UV to worldspace?

The sphere is already UV mapped.

No, I mean map those UVs to world space:

I did it but no change at all. The problem is on the model. Because it got triangles on the poles.

Ah, sorry. Then I’m not sure what to recommend :frowning:

Thanks for you help :slight_smile:

I figured out how to fix that.
For the pinching, I had to edit the texture I was going to use. I imported it to photoshop then I added a filter> distort>polar coordinates. I did that for both north and south pole of the texture so I rotated it and did it 2 times. This link explains it better: Creating Seamless Tileable and Spherical Maps
For the artifacting I just had to add a higher poly sphere so the triangles at the poles are smaller and not noticeable.