Fix ShaderCompileWorker

Good day guys,
hope you are doing well.
I am in the middle of a development crisis concerning imported maps by teammates, freelancers or even by myself.
I always get an error when I try to load them, I quote it for you beneath:
“Expecting ShaderCompileWorker output version 5, got 0 instead!
Forgot to build ShaderCompileWorker?”

I tried to fix this by rewriting the code line of the ShaderCompileWorker inside the BaseEngine.ini file (line: “NumUnusedShaderCompilingThreads=5”).
I`ve set it from 3 to 5 but even though it saved the setting the same error comes out.
I would really appreciate any help here because my project is near the first demo and I would be so happy to get it through.
Thank you in advance!


Those are different things.

What I would try first is

(-) make sure you have enough disk space ue4 expecting shadercompileworker output version 5 - UE4 AnswerHub

(-) validate the engine install ShaderCompileWorker failed: Mismatched shader version - UE4 AnswerHub
If that does not work, then try narrowing it down. So

(1) make sure that compiling shaders does work. So create a new material, do some changes to it that will lead to the engine compiling shaders. If that gives you the same error, then try it again in a new blank project. If that also gives you the same error, then validate the engine install, if that does not work try to reinstall the engine

(2) if compiling shaders work, then next check the assets you want to load and your project. So try loading the assets in a new blank project. If that does not work, then something might be wrong with the assets. You say its a map, then you could try opening the assets that are inside the map one by one and see if those load.

(3) if the map/ the assets load in a new blank project, then you could check all your current project settings / try to migrate your stuff to a new blank project.

Thank you very much! I found out what the problem was, some of the files were saved on my nearly full drive so they couldn`t be rewritten. I fixed it by just putting them back into the file all content for a uproject is in.
Thank you very much!