first time OnConstruction is called after duplication Actor still has default class values

It’s also gets called 4 times, which is really inconvenient if you make anything expensive inside OnConstruction.

I’m using 4.6, btw.

Here’s a project to reproduce issue.


  • Place a MyActor into level (MyActor logs its Value property every time OnConstruction is called).
  • Change Value property to something else in Details panel.
  • Alt-Drag actor to duplicate it.
  • If you take a look at Output Log you should see something like 0,N,N,N (where N is whatever value you assigned to Value property).

Hey TS100101,

It looks like project you attached is missing its Contents folder, so there’s no MyActor. If you could and attach that .uasset we can look into it. I wasn’t able to reproduce this, so if you can’t get us that asset please give us some details on how it was set up. Thanks!

Hi .

MyActor is a C++ class, it’s on source folder, that’s why there’s no Content folder.

Hey TS100101,

Ah, I didn’t realize you had created a new class. I was able to reproduce issue you described, and have entered a bug report for our developers to look at (UE-6902). I’ll let you know when I see an update. Thanks for report!

Great! Thank you .