First project - Unreal Engine 4

Hi guys!!

This is my first projet in Unreal Engine 4. Comments and critiques!?

3ds Max;
Unreal Engine 4;

hey adelson this is very cool, i like to much the clean light!, just a little bit of improvements on table blue glass, is very refractive! distort to much and carpet dont see throw!
increase the falloff of your GI light in order to see much softer shadows and more oclussion contact

but whatever!, great work!

wow look very nice. happy to see this. thank you for share!
how can you make the video texture play in Matine?

Hi guys again!!!

Thank alot for your commentary!

ZkarmaKun, I still going make changes in the scene. You all right!!!

Eric Truong, only active AUTO PLAY inside video properties.

Again, thanks!!
Sorry my bad english!!!

thank you for the repl, but i think i have some problem with this.
i still cant import the video in my engine.

Make sure it’s a .wmv format and that you place it inside a Movies folder inside the Content folder.

Make you sure your resolution is 1024x1024 or 2048x2048, etc. Understand?

oh thank you very much Robbie222, its work now.

ya, i can import, but it not play in Matinee when i try to render its show black sreen, and i can’t find “auto play” in media properties
how about your UE version?
happy and thanks for you anwers

Nice work man! I got a question though; How did you manage to get the video texture to work? I got a lot of troubles with this. I mean everything’s working fine in game/play mode but when I try to render out with matinee, the video is not actually working!!!

Hi mac95170!

I just active AUTO PLAY inside video properties. For me works.

do you use UE4.9 or any?

I use 4.7.

cade a cozinha?? o banheiro ?? e já que colocou uma porta de inda para o lado de fora deveria ter cercado para não ter acidente, :slight_smile: rsrs fora esses quesitos, esta joia

Olá miltinx, tudo bem? Na verdade esse projeto foi apenas para estudos iniciais, iluminação, material, animação de câmera e etc. Mas futuramente vou postar o projeto completo para avaliação.



Hi Adelson, really cool video, I dont speak very good english so I’m sorry, I hope you can understand me.
I have questions, I’m modeling a house in UE4, in my matinee movie the materials and lights look fine, but when I press PLAY or END MOVIE the model looks bad, like low quality rendering (only the model, the lights and materiales look nice), I dont know how to make it better, or change it. I have change the FPS, size of image, advance settings, I’m desperate.
Do you have a tutorial video for that? where do you learn this program? I dont know how to change de quality render or matinee.

I notice that you speak portugues (i understand it, but I’m not very good writing it) SO i’m going to write this in spanish, maybe yo will understand me better.
tengo un problema con la calidad del matinee, las luces y los materiales se ven bien, pero al darle play o pelicula matinee, los volumenes se ven distorsionados, pixelados. lo demas se ve bien, no entiendo como mejorar la calidad del video, tengo la mas grande imagen y el fps en 30. como aprendiste a usar el programa? has visto algun tutorial que sirva para esto? AJUUUUDA POR FAVOR, obrigado!..

Can you take a print your scene? Your intent is make a AVI movie, or just a animation inside your game?

Hi Adelson
I have a question and i would really appreciate it if you reply
I’m an architecture student and I have unreal engine 4 on my laptop, I was learning how to work with it but it didn’t look like an architectural result, is UE4arch some kind of plugin ? Because there is no option like wall or window in unreal engine itself, how do you do it ? I couldn’t find out how to do it, should i continue using unreal engine ? Do i need scripting ?

Thank you so much

People are building their models in 3DS Max or other software and importing into UE4 to do virtual walk throughs and animations - UE4 is stand alone not a plugin.

Hi!! I used a external software, in this case is 3ds max for modeling. Inside Unreal you don’t have complex objects.