First Person Zero Gravity


I’d like suggestion on how to setup a zero-g environment with a first person perspective.

Using the FPS example game I was able to turn off global gravity but can’t seem to get the forward, backward, up, down, pitch, yaw etc all working.

Would this best be done in c++ or in BP?

Ideally I’d like it so that the following keys are setup:

w,a,s,d - up, left, down, right
q,e - roll left, roll right
z,x - move up, move down

I did manage to get it so that when firing the gun it propels you backwards.

Try setting the Player Movement mode to ‘flying’.

Hey derezzed,
Can you maybe send me a link to the zero gravity level and post it? I would be interested in using it. Or you could put the BP/code on the marketplace with a tutorial on how to use it? I would buy it…

Sorry, I never got round to finishing it

Could you maybe post an attachment file of the BP/code? Even if it’s unfinished… Just the zero grab and gun propulsion backwards?