first person view in vr preview?

We’re working on a VR music video in UE4, it’s looking great in my vive however when previewing it, the view I have is outside the character. We can hide its mesh but then our view is a bit warped, hard to explain but there must be a way to put our view right at the camera location. Because on the monitor preview it’s accurate. What are we doing wrong?

Hi rousedower,

Would like to help but not exactly sure I’m following. Could you try elaborating or perhaps posting a short clip of the issue?


I can post a clip tomorrow if need be, but let’s see if I can explain a bit more clearly… when previewing the scene on the monitor, we look out of the eyes of a standard Unreal character. When in VR preview my vive view is from nearby the character, third-person. And then when I look around the scene it feels a bit warped, must be because not being in first person gives us an unnatural focal point. It’s not extremely warped, I can still check out the scene, but there must be some obvious thing we’re doing wrong. I’m not personally the one building the experience in the engine but he doesn’t know either, as the vr side is new to him.

i still need a fix for this, here’s what it’s supposed to look like, the scene’s not nearly finished but we’ll descend with a first person view in vr…

instead the vr preview has us viewing the scene in third person…


in the non-vr preview it is first person though. there must be an easy way of attaching the camera to the vive’s view.

any thoughts on this?