first person template blueprint: player stucks


i got a problem:

i made my game with the first person template blueprint under ue4.4.3 and it worked fine.
now i changed to ue4.6.1
and my player stucks during his running.

i don´t know what it is, because i got those values:
Frame: 24.1
Game: 11.6
Draw: 23.8
GPU: 23.7

does anybody know, where i can adjust something to make him move smoother?

thanks for an answer :slight_smile:

Could you probably post a video? + what happens when you set the quality settings to middle or low? :slight_smile:

hi fighter5347,

i´m messing around with this problem…
my character runs a moment smoothly, than he stucks a little bit, than he runs… and so on.
unfortunately i don´t got an video-capture-program.

my lighting quality is set to preview
my engine scalability settings/ resolution scale is 100 %
(all others are set to “epic”)

But what happens when you set them to low? -> then we know if it is an animation/blueprint or performance issue :slight_smile:

all are low now(material quality level: low, quality:low)

and he stucks again :slight_smile:

88.6 FPS (smooth walking) - 76 FPS (stucking)
11.3 ms

Frame: 11.3 ms
Game: 11.2 ms
Draw: 2.368 ms
GPU: 11.3 ms

ps. i send you an virtual beer for all your help in the last time!

Beer accepted -> tastes good :smiley:

Does the stucking look like the one in this video (fingers):

Do you use the default fps template or have you made any changes? Could you probably send me your project or something that shows how exactly it looks like so that I can reproduce it (tested it out and I dont get any problems) :slight_smile:

cheers :slight_smile:


cheers :slight_smile:

i use the default fps template without changes.

thanks for your offer… i will look for an capture.

maybe an solution:
i create an new first-person template in ue4.6.1 and copy the “old” content-folder into it
(with deleting the character and setting).

my conclusion by now:

i read a lot of stuff this christmas, and i guess, that i propably made an major mistake within my scene:
i have lots of houses, which are NOT modular (complex lightmaps). that could slow down the performance.

maybe i´ve to tweak my scene (more modular houses, much duplications from assets etc., to keep the scene small for ue and push up the performance).
perhaps this is an way to make the scene running more smoother for all platforms (web,mobile,pc).