First-person player replication

Before I start delving into networking with UE4, I have a simple question:

In single-player mode, the character controller in my first-person style project contains no meshes. This works perfectly fine for this mode. But in order to incorporate a multiplayer feature, the player would need to visually know of other players’ whereabouts and actions, etc…

So, let’s say I have a mesh to assign to a player. How could I set up my project to where a player can see this mesh at the location of other players, without the client actually rendering his own player mesh? Is this kind of behavior built in by default, or are there some adjustments which need to be made? I know that if this were a 3rd-person project, this would be much simpler since I could just render everything. But how could I go about this for first-person games where the local player has no mesh to render, since it would just get in the way of the camera?