First Oculus DK2 C++ Project

I looked at the getting started post in the forum and I have made a blank blueprint project and the Oculus works with head tracking in the standalone game. When I try to make a blank C++ project though, The standalone game does not work with the Oculus. I’m assuming this is because I need to implement the Oculus myself but my question is where do I start? Or should the C++ project already have the support and I’m doing something wrong?

The C++ templates should work just fine in VR. What happens when you fullscreen, does it not switch over to the Rift?

Yea when I full screen it only shows in one of the eyes and its not stereo. I tried the console commands such as stereo on but I get “Command not recognized: ovrversion”. I always uses Extended HMD mode because Direct HMD Access from apps never works for me.

If it doesn’t recognize the ovrversion command then the plugin is not getting loaded, which means the HMD is not being detected or the plugin isn’t enabled.

If you open your project in the editor and go into the plugins window, is the Oculus plugin perhaps disabled?

Just double checked and it is enabled

Just tried it again and for some reason it worked. I’m not sure what made it decide to start working but…it does. The only problem is its a little jittery but that will probably be solved with optimizations related to the oculus.

Sorry I wasted your time, If i had to take a guess at what happened it was because of not rebooting in between Oculus driver install and UE4 stuff.