First Interior, some questions :)

Hello Everyone, I created my first interior scene and I’m quite satisfied of the result, and now at the end of the work, I have some random question, hope you guys can help me :slight_smile:
(I related the question to the pictures uploaded)

  1. This is a screen of my scene, any random advice for better visual? Any suggestion would be very important for me!

2)Ok, I baked the roof mesh at 2048px, I know the quality may be not so good, but still don’t get why i have that weird two rings, I have only a Directional light outside, a Skylight, and Light material for lamps…

2bis) I had read that baked maps over 2048px may cause crash of lightmass, it’s that true?

Ok i have those two blueprint Closet that I can open, I used “Light as if Static” to bake their lights, but obviusly inside is dark…
5)How can I manage it in a better way?
4)And why when I open them, the ouside shading gone dark? (it should be baked!)
3)And why when they are closed, the shading light is different?

Thank you in advance my folks!