First Animation

After a day of playing around trying to figure out how to make animations, I’ve attempted to create a punch animation and would like some constructive criticism on what you think could be improved. Now, I’m aware the legs don’t move, that’s because this isn’t the ‘idle’ animation and the legs will be moving with the character.


Ive been trying to make animations for the first time too so im not the most qualified to criticise but I can tell it looks a little stiff. I think the waist needs to be looser and the chest needs to cunch down a bit more. the head is also barely moving and since the character will be running while this is playing the head Is going to move more. When the right arm moves, i think it will look better if the torso swerves and faces further right. As of now it doesnt look like theres much weight to the punch and reminds me of early GTA animations.

Hope this helps, if not the feel free to ignore me.

Well, it’s a really good start. I would suggest to bend his torso forward a little when hand is something like in middle of being straight. And then bend him back when hand starts to go back after hit. As for now it looks like he’s swinging in the air just practicing, and not actually trying to hit his target.
Obviously speed is way too low, but try to get the whole cycle right in slow motion first, before speeding all up.

Keep it up :slight_smile:

Hey, what are you animating in? It might be better to showcase the animation as it will be seen in the final game: while having the character run.
If you load a run animation onto your character rig and then start animating the punches youll get a much better feel for what is looking wrong.

Right now its too out of of concept. The hips and legs not moving accordingly makes it look really wired, like a robot punching through water.
You are lacking overlaps in this that give it force. Have a look at some reference mate, go to youtube and search for some famous boxer and watch how he moves and punches. Looking at and using reference is a very important part in animation. Do it.