Fire system (Niagara) render to movie - each subsample shows different fire stage

Hi, I’m trying to render a movie (movie render queue) that incl. Fire from the early access Campfire (a Niagara system). It renders fine, but when I add subsampling it renders each subsample with a different fire stage - so the outcome is a very rapid fire. I tried adding a “System Life Cycle” w/ Age update mode set to Desired Age, but it didn’t solve the issue.
I’d like to have each frame render in multiple subsamples and have the fire keep its state throughout the subsamples of that frame. Does anyone know how to pull that off?

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Hi STVinMotion,

I’m having the exact issue as you. When I use the default campfire and render it out using the Movie Render Queue, the flames are animating very rapidly. Just wondering did you find a solution to this?


Hi @MadzIRE I didn’t solve the issue of rendering at 60fps - I still get a twice-as-fast fire, but I did solve the fire being smeared because every subsample shows a different stage - by turning the motion blur to 0 in the Post-Process effect. So, no motion blur but I did beautiful fire in 30fps. I hope this helps you. Still wondering how to get 60fps fire out of there - if anyone is seeing this thread, yo ))