Fire simulation penetrating walls


I have an outdoor fireplace set up in my project. I have an active fire simulation going. The fire, smoke and the sparks are penetrating the walls of the fireplace a little to interior of the house. The walls have a collision mesh, double sided geometry and auto generate collision is enabled. Is the more I can do to keep the contained?



You could have the particles killed on collision.

I can not seem to locate the setting for that. Is it just a toggle on/ off box or is it more complicated than that.


Inside of the Particle Emitter for the fire set the collision type to Freeze or kill

I am using the fire that came with the starter content. I can not find where the collision settings are. I just played with the initial size and scaled it down. I got far enough away from the walls so the it is not penetrating any more. But as you can see in the screen capture video, the flames color and motion still come through the walls and reflect on the floor as well. Seems strange that this would occur. Any ideas has how to fix this?


If you’re using this Fire from the starter Content:

You’re going to want to add a Collision component to the flames


I will add that in. Thanks for taking the time to show me. As seen in my gif, the just light is bleeding through. Any idea you can think of as to why that is happening. The wall of the fireplace is like 1.5’ thick.