Fire reflection in eyes. How do you do it ?

Greetings all
I’ve trawled the web and this site but alas cannot find what I’m looking for.

I’m not looking for a mega complicated material but one that allows the reflection of fire particles in the eyes of a character.

I’ve tried several ways from some projects and my own materials but cannot get fire from the starter content to reflect in the eyes / material.
The character is a cartoon caricature so not realistic but need the eyes to reflect the items / things around it. Just a reasonable flicker in the eyes would be a good start.
I’m using a GTX 1080 so I do not have raytracing.

Please can anyone help out.
Thanks in advance.

Easy way: add a point light where the fire is.
Medium way: make the eye have its own material and increase specular and metallic a bit, but reduce roughness, basically making it slightly reflective.
Hard way: see Epic example with the eye shader in the learn tab.