Find the value of a specific UV cord in a texture

Hey is there any way possible either in the material editor or in blueprinting to find the value at a specific UV pos.
I am working on a project that morphs the terrain in real time and the only way i could solve it was with a tessellated material. To put my objects on the map i cant use collision as the collision doesn’t update.
So i need to use my height map to place objects at the correct z position. so if i know the objects xy cords i could re scale them to fit my uv space.

Is there a way to get a float out of a specific u and a specific v value from a texture. for example: U: 0,3 V 0.5 = 0.9.

Never mind. I had some random unrelated errors in my shader. You can just put a vector 2 in it as i expected but i had some other error that looked like it was caused by this.