Find Sessions cannot find sessions in Packaged Builds


I am able to find and connect when launching two builds on the same computer or PID, but as soon as the project is Packaged, the Find Session node does not find other created sessions.

I am sure the Port is Forwarded, and they Are on the same network ( even tried DMZ )
FIrewalls on both computers are disabled.
Both computers are running the same build, and the other computer successfully hosts a server.

Below is the host blueprint:

Note: Create Session returns “OnSuccess” and never returns “OnFailure”

Below is the Find / Join Blueprint:

Note: Find Sessions returns “OnFailure” and never returns “OnSuccess”


There are other posts of similar issues, most don’t have an answer and are very outdated as far as unreal version and year…

Thank you, for any help!

bump, still cannot get this working. Any help appreciated!