Find sessions advanced not working

I’m using the advanced sessions plugins on 4.23, I’m able to create a session but am not able to find it.
I have got steam subsystem in the config and enabled.
I have tried with 2 players with and without dedicated server.

The setup is the player blueprint creates the main menu widget. the widget has two buttons, one for hosting and one for joining. The code for both is executed in a game instance blueprint. This is just a temp set up as I’m just trying to get this darn thing to work. Been smashing my head against if for 6 hours.

Thanks for any help!!

I know it has been a while, but I am having the same issue, did you ever figure it out?

I think you try to create/find and join a session on the Game ID 480…

If so: You need to raise your Max results massively… Since ID 480 is used by ANY Game Developer, trying Matchmaking with Unity, Unreal, Gamemaker…etc

So… Try a Max Result of around 1000… And filter the results by name to only show those, accorded to your Game.