Find session always return success but finds nothing

I have been having this problem since 4.11, I need to filter a 0/0 session from the search result to get my created session. And while there is actually no other game session on the network, Find session still returns success with that 0/0 session.
So is something I did wrong that starts multiple session with one game instance?

Thanks for all your help!

I have tested a few times, some times it returns with 0 results, but find session still returns success. Why?

That’s just how it is. The searching was successful, since it could connect to the Online Platform and could look for all the server that exist. If it’d return failure I guess it would mean connection error. After that you can/have to check if that array contains any sessions at all or not. Or you should connect it to a ForEachLoopWithBreak, so you could look for a session that has empty space in it for the player.

Oh! That’s how it works! Thanks!
I thought it will only return true when the game actually finds a session, so it’s the same for LAN?

Yeah, I was also confused at first. Yes, I’m sure it’s the same for LAN too.
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Thank you again!