Find Path to Location Synchronously Not Finding Shortest Path

As stated in the question, find path to location synchronously is not finding the shortest path.

I am using the function in a blueprint to create a spline mesh which uses the path points from the find path and setting them to the spline.

Something like this (not an exact copy of my blueprint just showing what I am using the function for).

The code I have works great. I use this to create a spline mesh from a starting point to where the mouse is currently pointed. Here is an example of it working.

As you can see a spline with a spline mesh (the green cylindrical mesh) is being created from a starting point (the small white cylinder in the middle) to the an end where the mouse cursor is currently pointed. The spline mesh avoids obstacles and follows the navmesh path points perfectly as it should.

However below is when a problem arises.

Above we see a path which is about 688 units long. Look at what happens when I move my mouse slightly higher so that is is behind the obstacle at the end of the spline mesh.

The find path to location function chooses a path which is much longer than the path I would expect, and would like, for it to choose (the blue path I painted in). As you can see the chosen path is about 960 units long which is much longer then the path would be had the function chose to bend upwards around the obstacle (again like the painted in blue path). There is now way the painted in blue path would be close to as long as 960 units considering the path before was only 680.

So my question is:

Is there anyway to make it so that I am always using the shortest path available, whether by using the find to path location synchronously function or another available blueprint function? This is necessary for what it is I want to accomplish.

Thank you in advance. I hope I was clear enough and sorry for not asking a question is the your question section UwU.

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Hi did you ever figure this out? Iā€™m experiencing a problem similar to this!

Could anybody help ?