Find models and environments optimized for VR / Oculus Quest


I am learning to develop in VR, but I am quite lost with identifying which models and environments will run smoothly in Oculus Quest type glasses (which have an Android inside).

  1. What parameters do I have to look for in a model to know if they are optimal?

  2. I only know the Unreal store, but I’m sure there have to be many models (free / paid) out there to start with, but I can’t find much information about it.

Any help is appreciated.

For the most part, things don’t have to specifically be optimized for VR/Quest. Assets already have to be optimized for games but that can vary wildly and it also depends a lot on what else you’re doing and other assets that are in the scene. For example, if the one model is all you have visible then you can have higher polygon counts and texture resolutions.

Thanks for the reply.
I understand that it depends on the number of resources that are running at the same time, the possibilities vary.
But, I also understand that, for example, the free assets published by epic games from the Infinity Blade game, are highly optimized to work properly on less powerful devices/mobiles.

So, there are better and worse models for this purpose, I would like to know how to identify them.

You can’t identify them that way, there’s no way to know if something would work for those lower-end platforms when everything else in your project needs to be taken into account. Most assets should work on mobile at the very least if nothing else is in the scene.