Find Marked Frame by Frame Number doesn't seem to work properly

I am just trying to retrieve information about a levelsequence asset within a blueprint. I now for a fact that I have a level sequence which has 3 marked frames on its timeline. On of them is placed on frame 300.

When I use blueprints and in particular the node “Find Marked Frame by Frame Number” with a framenumber of 300 as input, the node returns “-1” as a result.

Even nodes such as “Get marked frames” do seem to act a little weird. The “Get marked frames” returns an array of length 3. Which is good because I have placed 3 marked frames in my sequence. However, the related framenumbers that are returned are somewhat arbitrary and far from right.

I was wondering if I misunderstand the purpose of these nodes or if they are actually flawed.

Get marked frames is working fine for me, (UE 5.1)

But it returns an array with the labels of each marker, not the frame numbers.


very late reply to this, but stumbled upon this thread. I have been fooling a lot around with marked frames lately, and yes; they work, and yes they are weird. They do not operate by using frames directly, but operate on ticks. Default is 24K ticks per frame. For some reason I have also found I might have to divide the frame number with the frame rate first to get the correct “Frame Number”. No idea why, but this formula gives me forrect result: (TheFrameYouWant/FrameRate)*Ticks → Make FrameNumber → Find marked frame