Find Collision UV On Sphere Trace Hit

I’ve encountered the problem that the Find Collision UV function does not work with either Event Hit or Sphere Trace. In these cases, the return value is False and the UV coordinates are 0.0. The same SetUp with a Line Tace works as intended. Is this a desired behavior, a technical limitation, or a bug? In my case, Find Collision UV in conjunction with a Sphere Trace would make things easier.

I’m actually curious about this as well. I haven’t tested a sphere trace, but I’ve tested an On Component Hit event and have it working, but its giving me the wrong UV information for whatever reason. Line trace works just fine though.

Bump - many years later can’t seem to get Find Collision UV working with Event Hit. Bug, working as intended, or am I doing it wrong?

If I break the hit result and connect its TraceStart and TraceEnd into a new LineTraceComponent then FindCollisionUV works. But this is ridiculous why should I need to perform a second trace like this?

This is probably happening if you don’t set an offset between your start and end trace for the shape. It can’t sweep if you don’t have it at least some non-zero distance between start and end.