Finalized hair model

Hair was not easy. I think I did a ok job. Let me know what you all think.Used Ornatrix and exported as a mesh.

It’ got that nervous jittery from the AA. Hopefully it gets resolved on the next upcoming builds.

What do you think?

I think it looks awesome and really professional!

would be a lot easier to see without all that depth of field, mostly it looks like a blurry mess. supersampleing will eliminate jitter as well. also there’s a sub forum for showing off work in progress :slight_smile:

thxs… :]

I wasnt sure where to post, I will post my work over there from now on. The dof is just to add realism. Where’ the super sampling setting? I played with the AA on the projects setting section but nothing there helped. :frowning:

to supersample, you render at a higher res and then downsample, its the most expensive way to counter aliasing artifacts and also the best. to do it in ue4 if your on 4.19 you can set the viewport screen percentage in the same place you take highres screenshots, but thats limited to 200%. you can also set it in the post process volume up to 400%. with the depth of field, its just too shallow, it’s cutting through the subject and it’s blurring your models face and hair. it should be just behind the subject, so its in focus but the background blurs out. the only time you would get depth of field like that is with really small f-stop.

ill add some super sampled pics inna sec for ya to see the difference

Ahh! I thought it was a settings. :stuck_out_tongue:
thxs for the info on what super sampling is.

well, for some reason adding pics to an edited post isn’t working for me so forgive the double post.
in this first pic the front grill is made out of real thin geo that artifacts a hell of a lot, in the second one, its SSAA@200%

Ohh, I see the difference. I must try that for the next project with this jittery issue. Thanks again. Btw… the forum does that for some reason, sometimes I cant post any pics at all.