Final Fantasy style battles

So I want to trigger combat when a player model collides with a baddie, in the style of Final Fantasy / Child of Light / etc. This means (to me) storing state in the current level in my GameInstance subclass, loading a new (battle) level, fighting, then re-loading the original level and restoring the state from the cached data. All that loading and unloading sounds a bit time-consuming. Is it possible to retain levels in memory whilst switching to another one?

(I’ve skimmed the sections on level streaming and it sort of suggests that there may be something in that, however that doesn’t seem quite right as I’m not loading additional content for the existing level, I’m loading an entirely new level.)

Have you looked at level streaming?

You could load your battle arena while unloading your world or the other way around or just some parts of the world (stream by blueprint). depending on you layer structur of your world.

Hi KAEPS133, yes I started looking at it, got slightly concerned it wasn’t intended for what I was doing. After reading your reply I found this:

which I shall read tonight. Thanks!

“Intened for what I’m doing” is always a thing. Sure there are more and maybe a better solution. But if you can abuse a feature to reach your goal, why not.

I have used this method in a slightly different way in UE3, it can work if you want :smiley: