Filling Water In A Cup - Best Approach?

Hey Folks, I wanted to get some feedback on your thoughts as to some best approaches to fill up a class with water. Here is my approach, but I am curious how you would do this:

  • I have a bottle and cup… Bottle is above the cup.
  • I rotate bottle downward and begin pouring water out (using particle system)
  • how would one fill up the cup with water?

Would you just create the animation in Maya or other 3d software…? Or could you use do it in the UE4 engine?

Curious to your approach, please share your methods or ideas, it would be greatly appreciated.

There are many options.

Easiest would be an animation of a truncated cone (the liquid) where the bottom is tied to bone A, which doesn’t move, and the top is tied to bone B, which both moves upwards, and scales outwards to make the cone fit the shape of the cup/glass.

Thanks for the reply, would this be done in UE4 engine or done in a 3d animation software?

You have to build the mesh (weighted to two bones) in a 3D package.
You can build the animation in a 3D package, or animate the bone through direct movement in Unreal.

If you have some “must use Unreal only” limitation, then another option for the “filling the cup” part is to use a material that uses an input parameter to animate a value, which a customer shader uses to “tint” the color of the cup.
Use either model-space position, or a custom texture coordinate (0 at bottom, 1 at top) to compare to the animated value in the shader.

Thanks for the help @jwatte, so far got something with particle system!