FileBrowser - is a file browser that allows you to get a direct link to any file on the system.

Preview: Youtube
Technical Details


  • Access Windows/Android File-System;
  • Usable for Windows, Android, VR/Oculus ;
  • Receive the selected file’s path’s ;
  • Works with VR.;
  • Works in Simulate, PIE, Game mode;
  • Supports file extensions;
  • You can change the whole design. Everything is configured with Widgets.
  • Windows supported chose local disk computer;


In editor mode, if the number of files is very large, a loop is detected and an error occurs.

In a packaged project, there is no such error, everything is fine.

Technical Details:

Number of Blueprints: Widget - 3; Actors - 5;

Code Modules: FileBrowser (Runtime)

Documentation: Link

Number of C++ Classes:1

Network Replicated: (No)

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows 64, Android

Do you think you will be supporting mac and linux any time soon? Non of the other file browsers for ue4 are multi-platform, so i thought id ask.

If you need closed or open widget. You need open your Pawn (Example VR_Pawn) and added this code.
-Get All Widget (Find Widget)
-Animation (Closed Browser)

Hi! I have compiled the plugin for android and on certain android devices (like galaxy note 9) these are the directories that appear. There is nothing in these directories and the phones actual directories are not showing. It works fine on other devices though (Galaxy A9). Do you know why this is happening?

Good afternoon!
Maybe the folder structure is different. Try adding more folders to the array to check the path.
Try added all possible folder

And let me know if the problem has been solved?

Yeah it already has those entries by default it appears

I also noticed on my phone (Galaxy A12 (not the device experiencing problems)) that it shows ‘\sdcard’ as the only detected directory but when pressing the \sdcard directory, it actually shows my phones \internal folders. I wonder if this behaviour is related to the above issue?

Please check more settings and look absolut path in your phone?

Example in Android Mi8 , select any file, open settings, and look info. Using /storage/emulated/0 .

Maybe another folder is used there? Maybe you need to add \storage\emulated\0
In browser array

This is the details of a file on the problem device

I will try adding ‘\internal storage’ and ‘’\internalstorage’ to the ‘ArrayDiskCheck’
I have to wait until the user tries the new package to see if that works unfortunately as it is not happening to my own device.

Meanwhile, on my device, this is the path of a file on my sd card.

I added ‘\sd card’ to the ‘ArrayDiskCheck’ but it still only accesses my internal storage under the label ‘\sd card’

Tell me please, version Android in galaxy and your?
I read the information, perhaps for this reason there is such a problem

Android 11 Limitation
Since Android 11, application data folder is invisible to 3rd party apps according to the storage permission change. You can no longer list files directly:


Since QuickEdit 1.8.5, it supports to read the contents under data folder on Android 11, but needs some additional steps to grant permission to data folder.

my device is using Android Version 11 yeah. So I need to perform some extra permission steps for it to work correctly?

I can’t say for sure yet, since I have Android 8. I need to read about it. For example, the official website says that you need to add rights.

Android 11 new policy “MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE”

Are there any further restrictions to using Storage Access Framework in Android 11 as compared to Android 10?

  • Apps that target Android 11 (API level 30) and use Storage Access Framework will no longer be able to grant access to directories, such as the root directory of the SD card and the Download directory. Regardless of target SDK, Storage Access Framework on Android 11 cannot be used to gain access to Android/data and Android/obb directories. Learn more about these restrictions and ways to test the behaviors.

Try adding this code? To access the view.
try added in LevelBlueprint+ Printstring for Check Android Permission.

And try this added

Okay I added those permission requests but nothing actually shows when the app is started.

Then the CheckPermissions results in false for all permission requests.

Reading the docs you posted it sounds like maybe these requests should be added to the androidmanifest.xml. I’ll try that next

EDIT: I tried adding to the manifest but it still does not appear to request the permissions on the phone :thinking:

Today I will check on my phone what data I have and I will write to you later.

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I’m sorry, I’m having problems setting up Android studio and Unreal Engine, there’s no way to check yet.

I also checked, all values are False, apparently this function does not work quite correctly.

Tell me, when you install the application, a message appears to grant data reading rights?

After installing the application, try to grant the rights for the application inside the phone. For example, holding down the app icon, the About app button will appear, and there is an App Permissions button.

In my case, access is granted for storage.

I’m still at a dead end, I’ll try to install the emulator of the latest version of android, maybe this will give a better understanding of what changes could have occurred in the new android.

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It does indeed request permission to access media on the device:

It does indeed show the access granted in the app details:

Was you able to make any progress on this problem Elizza?

I checked my android version, as it turned out on Android 8 → Android 10, and there are no problems.
I want to test on Android 11, but I have a problem with Android studio, namely the android emulator.

I have to deal with this one of these days.
Write me an email, as our correspondence will soon occupy the entire forum. And when a solution is found, it will be possible to post it on the forum.