File path location - Absolute working, relative not

I am trying to read an XML file at runtime. The file loads perfectly when I use the absolute file address but not when I want to use a relative address.

File is being read in C++, a button press in blueprints kicks off the process.

What relative path should I be using? Am I missing somewhere that the file should be packaged in?

Sorry if this is a duplicate questions. Search for anything with the word relative here brings up irrelevant content.

You will probably have to use the path /Game/XML/TraitsXML.xml. /Game representing your Contents directory.

Edit : It seems a little more complicated in facts… :

Ugh, that’s a little more work than I’m willing to put into a weekend side project. I might just convert it to a CSV and put it in a data table.
Will pay around with it a bit more.

Yea, ended up cutting the Run-time functionality and cooking the content in as DataTable. For the brave and crazy future devs trying to do the same thing and can’t cut the feature see here:

You might be able to do something like include Runtime/Core/Public/HAL/FileManagerGeneric.h GetLowLevel().GetFilenameOnDisk("file"). Never tried it though.