File explorer issue

Since I’ve been using UE, I have weird random file explorer issues. Here are the symptoms:

  1. Explorer freezes
  2. Explorer won’t open
  3. Files are not shown after copy and paste
  4. Can’t delete files
  5. Can’t move files
  6. Files won’t launch
  7. Computer won’t shut down

It randomly happens while I’m using UE, so I have no clue what causes the issue. I should restart my computer when it happens. It didn’t happen before I use UE.
Has anybody had the similar issues with me? If yes, have you found the solution?


I’m running in to the same issues. The forum linked below was talking about the same issue UE4.

I’ve tried many of the work arounds like running as admin + running with Troubleshoot compatibility and Removing various Shell plugins/items (a comment on another similar thread talked of doing this), and restarting the computer which sometimes helps the issue before it returns.

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Hi, thanks for the reply.
So, it seems like, the issue is caused by Windows update. But I’m curious why only Unreal causes the issue. None of my apps (more than 500) doesn’t do that though.

Hey I have the same issue with UE 5.2 and Windows 11 but the system is up to date. Only thing that I can possibly do is a non-required bios update which I am installing rn