Field guide for Forward Rendering? (4.14)

I’m curious if there is a consolidated (or just non-video) outline of best practices for using the forward rendering as it currently stands with UE4.14.

I know there are compromises, but how it’s hard to weigh when there’s so much scattered information.

Personally, I’m working on a VR project that relies a lot on vegetation while the user is on-rails.

I’m accustomed to the deferred rendering, but would like to explore the Forward Rendering, if it will improve the VR performance while knowing the trade-off with features.

So yeah, just if there’s a ‘best practices’ or ‘recommended’ set of things that can help someone explore those, I’d be appreciative for some references if they exist!

Lots of vegetation in VR? You could try camera-facing cards for leaves like they did in older games.

I appreciate it, but the bigger question here is not explicitly about the vegetation, but more on Alpha Masking, Dynamic shadows, etc - really, why I should look to one vs the other, based on the current availability. There’s so much info, but it can be hard to really sort through and get an idea of where to start.