Field Grass Package Vol. 1

Field Grass Package Vol. 1 ---- 15$](Field Grass Package Vol. 1 in Props - UE Marketplace)

The „Field Grass Package Vol. 1“ is especially designed for the use in large and small maps. It will give you the ability to create awesome forest/parks/garden scenes with a great variation due to the different material parameters in the Material Instances and the amount of different meshes. As all of the meshes are low poly, you can place a vast amount of meshes before it starts lagging and the different material instances (basic, advanced and pro) will allow you to even get a better performance regarding on which material features you want to use.

The package includes:

Meshes & Textures:
-30 grass meshes (low grass, high grass, grass patches)
-30 field grass meshes (two different kinds of field grass)
-30 flower/herb meshes (three different kinds of flowers)
-all meshes are using a diffuse and normal map
-there are also some other textures included: masks, snow diffuse, fire diffuse, variation textures, placeholder, ground textures*****

The materials are split into Master Materials and Material Instances. In the Master Materials you can change nodes which will affect all the Material Instances. In the Material Instances you can change different textures and effects.
All the changes will mainly happen in the Material Instances! Just modify the Master Materials when you know the basics of the material editor.

The package includes 6 Master Materials and several Material Instances:

You can change/choose different effects in the Material Instances which can be found in the Child Material folder. The materials are split into 3 different categories with various effects:

-Basic: SSS changes, basic wind, colour variation
-Advanced: SSS changes, advanced wind, colour variation, interaction effect - swinging
-Pro: SSS changes, advanced wind, colour variation, interaction effect – swinging, interaction effect – bending*****, fire, snow, colour change, flower colour

In the package you can find three different maps.

-Showcase 1: it will show you different variations of how you can use the meshes (grass field, flower + grass field, grass + field grass)
-Showcase 2: in this map you can see all different meshes that are included in the package
-Showcase 3: a map which includes a large field

Make sure to take a look at the high resolution screenshots (the ones in this thread are compressed!!!):

Grass: final_high1.png - Google Drive
Snow Grass: final_high2.png - Google Drive
Fire Effect: final_high3.png - Google Drive
Poppies: final_high4.png - Google Drive
Flower 1: final_high5.png - Google Drive
Flower 2: final_high6.png - Google Drive
Field Grass: final_high7.png - Google Drive

Video (will be updated with the first update of the package): :slight_smile:

*will be added with the first update

Update 1:

I have added a ground material/texture to the package + a new child material with the perfect colour settings for the ground:

Make sure to take a look at the high resolution screenshots (the ones in the thread are compressed!):

Cool stuff! Can we see a wire of one of the grass meshes?

Have you done any testing with landscape procedural foliage rendering? Would like to see how this scales and tiles.

Here we go (in the attachment) :slight_smile:

Not yet, because somehow I dont know how I can increase the density :frowning: -> but will post the result when I have tested it
But they work perfectly with the foliage tool + the landscape grass node

What kind of Density and Radius did you have set for those Screenshots you have?

With a brush size of 100 I use a density of 4000 -> but I also use a height/scale variation to get a better result (when everything is at the same size, you need a density of around 2500) :slight_smile:

= around 84 meshes for a brush size of 100

I am building a high res scene (with texture up to 4k) Is this pack suitable or should only be used for medium res & mobile

aaaand bought , thanks fighter5347 and thanks for the free package as well =)

It can be used with a high res scene -> it uses 2k textures which were taken with a high res camera (sony alpha 65) + you can even use it for arch viz -> just use a very high density + a small grass size (will post a pic of it tomorrow)

Thank you Alexarg and TooManyfps! :smiley: Make sure to post an image of a scene where you use this package + a link to your project -> will add all pictures to the top post :slight_smile:

  • post some feedback so that I can improve it and make changes that you need!

The package is currently be updated to 4.9 -> will bump this thread when the change was submitted

4.9 ready now?

The interaction option, can i set the interaction impact as well, or just pick 2 different interaction modes?

The variety and realism of this pack look great. Ok i added it to 4.9, and it seems to work.

However I noticed that my editor begins to lag with 20k+ foliage placed. Is this normal, can i optimize this? Otherwise such scenes shown in the video are not feasible for larger areas. Also when you place the grass on a slope, the grass is still aligning in a 90 degree angle, which looks unrealistic. The advantage this pack has is the best realistic look. The performance issue might originate from the associated interaction code, in particular see on tick.

@unit23: you should wait the fighter5347 response, but in the meanwhile you could check this:

  • Do you put some culling settings on the grass? you can do that on the foliage tool.
  • Do you check the “align to normal option” (don’t remember the exact name)? (this can be checked or not on the foliage tool too)


looking great!

can you show how it holds up with some less density? I’d be afraid the reason why it looks so good might be that it’s so dense, but I hope it’s not the case (otherwise in less dense areas or with lower gfx settings it’d still look patchy / lowpoly’ish)

also I see a price but nowhere to buy it :wink:
nvm I see it’s on the marketplace :smiley:

now that I see it on the marketplace, something caught my attention.
LODs: no :frowning:

There is no such option.

As i thought, the performance issues originate from the blueprint code. Adapting the code resolves the performance issue, i.e. getting rid of the on tick stuff.

really? i am pretty sure it is an option. mmm look this thread:

Hope this help.

  1. sent the 4.9 package to epic -> waiting for a response
  2. you can change the radius of the effect + the strength (weight, strength, speed) + you can turn it on/off
  3. Hmm, in my case I can go over 200k + the pro material without getting under 30 fps -> make sure that you use the basic material + what are your specs? + what else do you have in your scene?
  1. a density of 500 with just one mesh + scale variation (always use that when you create scenes that includes vegetation -> density_500.png - Google Drive)
  2. as the average of those meshes just have around 6 tris, a LOD channel doesnt make any sense -> but I will test it with some billboards if I can get a good result + a better performance :slight_smile:

Normal, 650 TI GTX 12GB RAM. Also got the other realistic grass pack, and using those settings is imho better. However, your meshes are much more realistic. So i use both packs now, currently without interaction, with out problems.

Hmm, I use nearly the same PC -> gtx 660 ti, 8GB RAM, intel i5-3570.
I will check if I’m somehow abel to to improve some stuff to get more fps :slight_smile:

Hi fighter5347, just one question. Is there anyway to make a little color variation on instanced foliage? Is this package ready for that? thanks! =)

I have just tested it with the foliage tool, procedural foliage spawner and the landscape grass -> there the colour variation works :slight_smile: