FHitResult. All component location vector is 0

Hello. Sorry for my English, I use google.translate.
There are top-down design. Use your mouse to rotate the character and to determine the direction of movement.

APlayerController * controller = GetWorld()->GetFirstPlayerController();    		
ACharacter *currentChar = this;
FHitResult mouseHit = FHitResult();
bool bMouseResult = controller->GetHitResultUnderCursor(ECC_WorldStatic, true, mouseHit);
FVector_NetQuantize MouseHitLoc = FVector_NetQuantize();
MouseHitLoc = mouseHit.ImpactPoint;
FVector pPawnLoc = currentChar->GetActorLocation();
FVector TargetVector = (MouseHitLoc - pPawnLoc);
FRotator targetRotation = FRotator(0.f, TargetVector.Rotation().Yaw, 0.f);

there are strange when working this code. Sometimes the cursor position is set to 0 (X, Y, Z), although the actual coordinates

LogTemp: Warning: Mouse position x = -1272.595459
LogTemp: Warning: Mouse position y = 1556.577026
LogTemp: Warning: Mouse position z = -200.999634

Caught these coordinates every 45 degrees.

I did check for null coordinates prior to treatment, but it seems that this behavior is wrong.