FGear Vehicle Physics (v1.4)

Whats the difference between this ones?:

the name of the parameter should tell the difference.

it returns an angle between the travel direction and the intended direction.

true returns the angle for front axle, false for rear axle.

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Yeah, thats what i thought, just wanted to be sure.

About the torque thing, found that on accel+cornering, torque always have the same value as LngForce, this one: mLongitudinalForce.Size() .

But for some reason, sometimes, the rear wheel(the one receiving the most load) not match that value. In this case is less than it should, like if there is some limitation somewhere¿?

With other setups LngForce is opposite(lower torque share), so no idea what is happening. Trying different mFeedback versions and other combinations.

Tomorrow im gonna try to manipulate the torque myself to do what i want using mVehicle->getSteerDeltaAngle and similar stuff, at least try to know if that really will fix the steering problem.

@lazybitgames is there a way to get trace information from the avoidance information in the FGear autodrive component?

edit:Just checked and saw that the trace is not available in blueprints. Would be nice if we could get the hit results in BP for the next update