FGear Vehicle Physics (v1.4)


FGear is a custom vehicle physics solution that helps you build arcade or semi-arcade style racing games. It is mostly focused on 4 wheel cars but multi axle setups are also possible. The library consists of a core module and some extra components that were used while making the demos/example project.

MarketPlace : Available Here

Available Demos :

*Controls for Pc Demos: Arrow keys + Space for handbrake + R for reset

Disclaimer: The red sports car model in the track/sandbox demo is not included in the package or the example project.

Here is the core feature list:

Core features:

  • Desktop or mobile.
  • Adjustable integration steps.
  • Simplified pacejka, pacejka96 and MF6.1 tire model options.
  • 3D wheel support(multiple raycasts or sphere/convex cast).
  • Simple engine model with a torque curve.
  • Configurable auto/sequential/manual(h-pattern) transmissions.
  • Open, locked or limited slip differentials.
  • Ackerman steering, toe and camber.
  • Adjustable torque and brake distribution of axles.
  • Simple spring/damper suspensions with preload option.
  • Multi axle setup support.
  • AeroDynamics component for drag and downforce effects.
  • Standard input manager with keyboard,joystick and wheel+shifter support.
  • Driving aids like abs, asr, esp and anti roll bars.
  • Detailed telemetry ui.
  • Basic save/load system.
  • Various sample setups and demos.

In addition to the core features we will prepare a couple sample scenes and for these there will be some extra features available like:


  • Adjustable 3rd person camera.
  • Sample visual&sound effects like engine, skid and muzzle effects.
  • Mobile input demo.
  • Custom collider component for separating collision from inertia.
  • Basic AI driver.

For more information you can visit https://fgearvp.wordpress.com


  • Unreal5 chaos support
  • Custom gravity option
  • Custom gravity sample map
  • Better hard contact implementation
  • Ability to offset casting origin
  • Improvements and bug fixes


  • Convex casting option
  • Wheel reaction forces
  • Ability to turn engine on/off
  • Improvements and bug fixes


  • Auto clutch option for transmission
  • Fixed sequential gearbox bug
  • Force symmetry option for tire models


  • Suspension constraint component
  • Rewind and replay sample
  • Improved sticky tires
  • Suspension relaxation damper option
  • Clutch power scale option
  • Minimap and ranking UI samples
  • Default physical material option
  • Improvements and bug fixes


  • Better hard contact implementation
  • Ability to look back with OrbitCamera
  • Fixed the low fps suspension bug


  • Server authorative replication(no client prediction yet)
  • Motocycle sample with BikeHelper assist(ArcadeAssists)
  • New DragRace map for the sample project
  • Substep tick event available for blueprints
  • Ability to drive on moving rigidbodies
  • Improvements and bug fixes


  • Substepping support
  • Save/Load option(editor only)
  • Sticky tire option for preventing low speed slips (experimental)
  • Custom editor UI elements (for ex. you can see top speeds for each gear in editor)
  • Basic AI Driver component
  • New AITest map for sample project
  • Separate axis mode option for StandardInput
  • Option to prevent tire-ground penetration
  • Sphere casting option
  • An additional rc car setup for the sandbox map
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes


  • Network replication
  • Suspension improvements including hard contact option
  • Auto reverse option for transmission
  • Sample backfire implementation for FGearEffects component
  • Runtime modification map for example project
  • Enter/exit vehicle map for example project
  • Stress test map for example project
  • Multiplayer map for example project
  • Two additional sample setups for the sandbox map
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

TODO for next release

  • Bug fixes
  • Client prediction

Any feedback is welcome.


Cool stuff. Sounds interesting.

will it include any cars? or just unreal basic vehicle?

unfortunately the included cars will not be game ready models, basic models like unreal’s sample vehicles.
the car models in the touring demo are not included.

But will this get updates or then be abandoned like other similar ones already on the marketplace and not mantained anymore?

FGear 1.0 was released for unity in January and we released two more updates until now, it will be similar for the unreal version. If we do not hit some technical limitation/problem wall, we will add all the features listed in the first post. In the long run we will continue improving the core library, fixing bugs etc. but we do not want to spend time on gameplay specific features like enter/exit vehicle or headlights etc. so the feature list may not expand a lot but we will try to keep the core features solid and stable.

first screen, the core physics port is nearly complete but we still have much work to do.

Can it be used without the need for c++?

it will be a plugin so you can both use c++ or blueprint.

here is a preview video, this is a quick lap around the track with an rwd sports car:

Hey Lazybitgames will there be support for tracked vehicles such as tanks in FGear? Just curious :slight_smile:

hi, fgear supports multi axle setups but tracked vehicles have different mechanics so the initial version will not support that.
we continuously improve the library so we will consider adding this feature in the future releases.

i’m super interested into this one, i’ve been waiting for a long time for a proper car physics in ue4.

Subbed on YT & this thread so i wont miss a thing.

Don’t forget to make it replicated for multiplayer games.

the initial release will not be replicated(it does not mean that you can not make a multiplayer game), this is planned for the first update after initial release.

track demo is released : Pc Track Demo (106mb)

Hey @lazybitgames - I just tried the demo and I love it. It controls pretty well and feels solid. :slight_smile:

hi, we are very close to finishing the initial version.

here is the sandbox demo : Dropbox - File Deleted

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does the physics made using blueprints or c++?

this is a c++ library, you can both use it with blueprints or just c++.

it would be incredibly difficult to develop something like this with blueprints.

As long as everything is exposed to BP, i don’t have any issues.

I’ve tried your demos, and i’m liking it so far.

However, i would like to have a UI that allow us to change values of cars on realtime so we can monitor the effects.

like spring force and all stearing values, torque, max rpm,… ect. i believe this would be the best demo for this kind of product.

Also please make the camera rotatable using middle button or anything else so we can see the around the car (for example watching the suspension on the bumps)